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October, 1973 Establishment of the company with 3 people with \12,000,000.
July, 1974 Development of turbochargers.
January, 1981 Started sales of 4-valve motorcycle racing engines (Machine Fuji) for professional auto-racing series.
June, 1981 Establishment of sales & marketing subsidiary, HKS Service Co.
March, 1982 Started development of electronic devices.
January, 1984 Development of 4-cylinder DOHC 2.3L engine (134E). 
April, 1984 Completion of new office building.
April, 1985 Completion of Kitayama plant for exhaust system manufacturing.
March, 1986 Establishment of HKS Hokkaido Service Co., Ltd. (Consolidated subsidiary)
September, 1986 Development of 4-cylinder DOHC 2.0L engine(186E) and participation in GC race series. 
October, 1988 Started sales of new 2-cylinder DOHC motorcycle racing engines (200E) for auto-racing series. 
January, 1992 Development of V12 5-valve 3.5L engine (300E).
June, 1994 Addition of suspension parts division.
March, 1996 Establishment of HKS Europe Ltd. (Consolidated subsidiary) in U.K. as a base of sales for European countries.
September, 1996 Merger of HKS Sales Co., Ltd.  Establishment of HKS Co., Ltd.
Started sales of horizontally-opposed, 4-cycle 2-cylinder 680cc universal engine (700E). 
June, 1999 Listed on the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
August, 1999 Completion of new Headquarters manufacturing plant and experimental labs.
May, 2000 Merger and acquisition of Nissei Kogyo Co., automobile parts processing company.
June, 2001 Establishment of HKS-IT Co., Ltd. for investment to HKS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Equity-method affiliate)
February, 2003 Establishment of HKS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Equity-method affiliate) as a base of sales for South East Asian countries.
Establishment of HKS Technical Factory Co.
Establishement of Lifecare Mobility, INC. in U.S.A. for sales of welfare vehicles parts. (Consolidated subsidiary)
December, 2004 Cancellation of listing on Japan Securities Dealers Association and listed on Jasdaq Securities Exchange, Inc.
November, 2006 Released the torque reaction traction drive type Supercharger.
July, 2008 Release of bi-fuel conversion kit that enables fuel changeover operation of engine between gasoline and CNG(Compressed Natural Gas).
April, 2010 Introduced HKS original design of Ball Bearing Turbo GT II Turbine.
October, 2010 Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ (Standard) due to the integration of former JASDAQ, Nippon New Market Hercules, and NEO.
January, 2017 Establishment of HKS USA, Inc. (Present consolidated subsidiary) in the United States.
March, 2017 HKS-IT CO.,Ltd. (Present consolidated subsidiary) built a factory in Samutprakan, Thailand.
May, 2018 Nissei Kogyo Co. (Present consolidated subsidiary) built a factory in Misato-cho, Kodama-gun, Saitama.
Relocated the head office from Ota-ku, Tokyo to Misato-cho, Kodama gun, Saitama.


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