Company Information


Company HKS CO., LTD.
Year Founded 1973
Representative Director Mr. Daisuke Mizuguchi
Capital ¥878,750,000
Address 2266 Kamiide, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Japan
Employees Employees: 295 (as of August, 2023)
Group Employees: 424 (as of August, 2023)
Average Age 41.9 (August, 2023)
Description Manufacturing and selling automobile aftermarket parts.
Exhaust systems, Electronics Parts, Turbocharger, Suspension, Original goods, NGV parts, etc.
Sales Amount Non-consolidated Sales: 7,432,080,000 yen (as of August, 2023)
Consolidated Sales: 9,241,360,000 yen (as of August, 2023)
Sales Offices Saitama, Nagoya, Osaka
  • Exhaust gas test laboratory

    Exhaust gas test

  • CNC coiling machine

    coiling machine

  • Bench test

    Bench test

  • CNC camshaftgrinder

    CNC camshaftgrinder

  • Crank grinder

    Crank grinder

  • CNC pipe bender

    CNC pipe bender

  • N lathe

    N lathe

  • Load tester

    Load tester

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