Company Information


Management philosophy

HKS keeps challenging to further enhance customers' lifestyle and make it more distinctive through the expertise in production with constant commitment to high quality that appeal to the sensitivity of consumers.

Management policy

1. Manufacture products from the customer's viwpoint.
2. Improve the quality of all products.
3. Act from a worldwide perspective.
4. Create the market itself.
5. Harmonize with the environment.

Working Policy

1. Work in a professional manner.
Always be confident in the level of work.
Ensure the customers' satisfaction.
Stay focused on the goal, and strives to be forward-minded.
Be competitive to enhance the abilities.

2. Share information.
Develop better product with better internal cooperation.
Clarify the responsibility and role of each employee, and encourages active communication to develop better products.

3. Be a company attractive to customers.
Better products and services improve customers' satisfaction, and better employees' satisfaction creates better prodcuts and services.
Create a vision for the futureof the company, and take action for realization of future vision.

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